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Designed for learners who wish to raise their awareness of issues around equality and diversity whether in society, the workplace or the community. Learners will develop knowledge and understanding which can be applied in the workplace or their personal life.

Unit 1: Equality & diversity in society

Unit 2: Equality & diversity in the community

Unit 3: Equality & diversity in the workplace

The qualification develops learners’ knowledge and understanding of information, advice or guidance and how these are applied in their own context. You will learn to:

Understand information, advice and guidance practice

Understand the interaction skills required for information, advice or guidance

Understanding signposting and referral in information, advice or guidance

Understand the context of information, advice and guidance

The purpose  of  the  qualification  is  to  develop  learners’  knowledge  and  understanding  of  a  range  of Specific Learning Difficulties, how they are diagnosed and how individuals can be supported.

Signs, symptoms and diagnosis of Specific Learning Difficulties.

Sources of information, support, legislation and guidance relevant to Specific Learning Difficulties.

Living with a specific learning difficulty.


Best practice relating to Specific Learning Difficulties. 

Adult Community Learning