Getting help for Job Seeking

Use of PC’s

We are more than happy for job seekers to use the centre’s computer facilities, for those of you who know you require support with applications or general IT use please attend on Thursdays when extra support is available. If you feel you are reasonably IT literate and just want to get on with it please feel free to drop in as and when you like (refer to opening hours).

All We Ask Is:

Remember we are running a learning centre and for those of you who aren’t on courses please be respectful of those who are by keeping the noise down.

No kids allowed! For safeguarding purposes do not bring children into the centre unless this has been cleared with the head of centre.

No phones, no food, no Facebook!

We can’t stress more that the Internet facilities are for job seeking, accessing course materials, checking email and nothing more, abuse of the Internet facilities, centre or our rules will result in permanent exclusion from the centre. If in doubt, ask.

Printing is charged at 10p per page.

National Careers Service

Thursdays 9am-1pm

National Careers Service kicks us off with one-to-one appointments designed to give you specialist advise on following your chosen career path or even just getting some ideas about what jobs may be suited to you. Whatever aspect of job searching you need help with, you choose the theme of your two 40 minute appointments

Adult Community Learning