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Flexible IT Qualifications, To Suit You

After being in education as long as we have, we are well aware that each learner is an individual and one size does not fit all. Still haven’t found something that wags your tail yet? Why not create your own? Each of the units below can be offered as singular unit certificates or can be combined to offer you a certified programme tailored specifically to your needs. All qualifications are recognised nationally and hold the ECDL seal of approval. Select the ticks to view more information about the module at your chosen level.

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Security for IT Users 
Computer Essentials (Windows)  
Using a Computer Keyboard  
Word Processing (Word)✓ 
Spreadsheets (Excel)
Presentations (PowerPoint)
Databases (Access)✓ 
Desktop Publishing (Publisher) 
Project Planning (Project)  
Improving Productivity using IT
Online Collaborative Technologies (Google Docs, One Drive)  
Online Essentials (Outlook / Internet Explorer)  
Using Email Software (Outlook)  
IT Communication Fundamentals  
Data Management software (Generic)  
Drawing & Planning software (CAD)  

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